Political Talk Show Assignment

•Body of Paper – 5 Pages

•Style – MLA

•Sources – Min 5 Sources

•Title Page

•Table of Contents

•Works Cited Page

•You are required to identify and listen to a Political Talk Show (radio preferably) of your choice. Identify three political talking points(topic) addressed by the host and provide research on each talking point. Ex. Immigration; Trade War; Texas Senate Race. Explain your “position” on each topic. Do you agree, disagree with the host based on the host argument and your own personal research.

•Ex. On 9/12 on the Rush Limbaugh Show; Rush Limbaugh discussed the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump, Limbaugh argued…..I researched ….

Rush Limbaugh

•Alex Jones

•Rev. Al Sharpton

•Julie Mason

•Mark Levin

•Michael Savage

•Michael Berry (Texas)

•The Young Turks

•Glenn Beck

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