Photograph analysis

You are required to visit a current photographic exhibition in Sydney. You must submit a short review (400-500 words) of the exhibition on the linked forum site.  You must submit this post and engage with your classmates’ reviews on iLearn before 11pm Monday 15th October. Responses posted after this date will not contribute to your engagement mark. The forum will be open from 9am Monday 8th October.  5% of your overall engagement mark will be based on this forum activity. You are encouraged to ask each other questions or leave a comment in response to some of your classmates’ exhibition responses.
Remember that any type of reviewing involves judgment. However you also need to contextualise that judgment. As Liz Wells writes in one of your readings for this week: “good writing, by which I mean work which is well-informed, purposeful and engaging, involves critics knowing what they value and why they value it” (432).
Some questions to consider when formulating your response (please DON’T answer these one by one in your review –  these are a guide only, not every question will be relevant to your review):
– What are the key themes of the exhibition?
– How are the photographs displayed? Framed? Pinned to the wall? Projected? 
– How were the photographs grouped? According to theme? Chronologically? By artist?
– What was the scale of the photographs? Large or small? How did this impact on your experience of the image?
– Did you find particular photographs compelling? Which ones? Why were they compelling?
– Do you think the artist/curator was successful in achieving their aim?

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