Personal Reflection Paper and Discussion

Step 1: Critical Analysis

Create a graphic organizer to build a list of the academic theorists and journal articles you remember most vividly from your academic studies and professional practice. Note any key points about these academic theorists or journal articles.

Step 2: Critical Evaluation

Based on the lists you created in Step 1, build on your graphic organizer to address the following:

Explain which academic influences have shaped your thinking regarding your field of study.
Describe two primary theorists from your prior academic or professional studies that have influenced your worldview.
Evaluate one aspect of the theorists’ work that has had specific relevance, power, and behavioral practices that have resulted in your professional practice.

Step 3: Critical Synthesis

Write a 750- to 1050-word personal reflection paper.

Include the following in your paper:

Use your analytical and evaluative work from Step 1 and Step 2, to explain how your professional and personal contexts have shaped your identity.
Specify one leadership practice from each of the three leadership paradigms (traditional, emerging, and non-dominant) in LDR/711A that you are going to demonstrate within PHL/700R. Note. These leadership practices must be at the behavioral level, such that other in class will be able to see or hear you demonstrating these actions.

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