Paris Agreement


What country-specific actions need to be taken now to meet the global goal of minimizing climate change in

accordance with the Paris Agreement?

Your Assignment

1. Each person around the table will assume the role of lead negotiator of one country. One person must

represent Canada. Others around the table can represent one of the following countries, all of which are

signatories to the Paris Agreement:

• The Maldives (consider future habitability of island state, e.g., Storlazzi et al. (2018).

• Saudi Arabia or another major oil-producing nation located in the Arabian peninsula (consider fossil fuels

as the dominant source of national income, rising temperatures and desertification),

• Bangladesh (consider geography, state capacity i.e., strength of public institutions, population size), or

• Denmark (consider geography, state capacity, current state of “decarbonisation” of economy).

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