Overcome Great Life Challenges

Introduce a person you know who has overcome great life challenges, such as illness, poverty, a natural disaster, or a physical impairment (blindness, deafness, loss of limb/s). The individual can be someone you know, or someone you know of in your community or the nation. The speech must 10 minutes in length.

( please write if possible about a friend of my who lost his right leg as a result of diabetes)

Thesis: this is where you put your thesis statement. Remember a thesis statement is only one complete sentence that tells the listener or reader what your speech/paper is about.

I. Introduction



II. Begin to develop your speech about the person


1. (this is if you have subpoints)



III. How did the person overcome the challenges

A. Steps

B. Attitude about life

IV. What do you admire about the person’s attitude


V. Conclusion

A. Summary

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