Organizational Behavior and Management Executive Summary

Organizational Behavior and Management Executive Summary

Prepare a 750-word maximum Executive Summary of your Learning Team discussion from Week Four (one executive summary per each team). The summary must follow APA guidelines, include a cover page, and cite a minimum of two sources. The summary must present the conclusions that your team reached regarding the following:

Create a 750-word Executive Summary in which the team selects ONE of the following to address:

• Organizational culture

• Describe how managers when applying leadership principles influence organizational culture (both positive and negative).

• Organizational power

• Describe the five bases of power.

• Conflict management

• Describe how specific conflict management techniques can be applied to address organizational conflicts.

• Human Resources and organizational development

• Describe the relationship between human resource management and organizational development.

Select a specific real-world example from the team discussion that relates to organizational culture, organizational power, conflict management,OR human resource management.

In your paper, please include a minimum of two sources (APA formatting required).

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