Opinion Assignment

Develop a poster or brochure that reflects the controversial issues of the mandated nurse-to-patient ratios. Everything including the references is to be on the poster or brochure. If you choose to do a poster, it is to go on one page. If you choose to do a brochure, everything must be on 2 pages, as in a front and d a back. California is an example if your state does not mandate nurse-to-patient ratios. Include the following:

The facts—explanation of what it means, actual ratios, and staging progression of ratio proposed
History–explanation of the development of mandatory ratios
Is this legislative regulation effective to support a positive nursing work environment?
Controversial aspects for the nursing profession, health care organizations, consumers, and others
Your opinion
Answer the following questions in your editorial summary:
Do you think that legislatively mandated nurse-to-patient ratios are an effective way to manage the nursing workload?
Would you consider the response to mandated ratios in California to be positive, or are there additional issues that have arisen since the legislation was enacted?

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