Operational Costs and Budget

In this assignment, you will identify basic costs and revenue projections for a business budget. The goal is simply to identify these items since you will be completing more detailed financial projections, cash flow statements, and budgets in FIN/375 Financial Management in the Small Business.

Write a 400- to 625-word paper in which you identify and describe estimated costs and revenue projections for your product(s)/service(s), and include the following:

Sources of funding or revenue (e.g. bank loan, investments, expected sales)
Fixed costs (e.g. a physical business location or warehouse lease, utilities, transportation, security, insurance, technology, equipment or tools)
Variable expenses (e.g. raw materials, packaging, personnel, shipping, marketing)
One-time purchases (if any)
Total projected income

Create a business budget spreadsheet and include your projected revenue, costs, and totals.

Avoid using first person “I, my, we, us and so forth.” Please discuss the “business only” even if its’ your potential business. Name the business and eliminate “I” throughout the paper.

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