NUR2790 Professional Nursing

NUR2790 Professional Nursing 


NUR2790 Professional Nursing 

Module 4 Discussion

Gas Exchange

Mr. Nguyen is a 58-year-old patient that had septic shock and developed Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. He is orally intubated and on a mechanical ventilator. He is paralyzed and sedated.

What manifestations might you observe for a patient with ARDS?

What complications can Mr. Nguyen develop from being mechanically ventilated?

List priority nursing interventions to prevent complications associated with ventilatory support.

What interventions can be implemented specifically to prevent the development of Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP)?

You are orienting in the ICU, the nurse you are working with is not implementing the VAP interventions. What would you do?

NUR2790 Professional Nursing III Module 3 Discussion


Triage involves the rapid assessment and prioritization of patients. Compare the three-tiered system of triage to the Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) triage philosophy. Imagine that you are the Triage Nurse during an MCI. How will you categorize the following patients using the MCI triage philosophy? Explain your answer. Are there any ethical issues that should be considered?

10-year-old boy with massive head injury, no spontaneous breathing, BP 60 palp

22-year-old female with a close fracture of the left arm

60-year-old male with a laceration in the leg complaining of shortness of breath

15-year-old girl with glass embedded in the eyes

52-year-old male with a pulse of 30 and a blood pressure of 70/30

For your response, do you agree with your classmates’ opinions? What would you urge them to consider when making the triage determination?

NUR2790 Professional Nursing III Module 2 Discussion

Death and Dying

Discuss the term “clinical death,” especially with respect to when not to initiate CPR. Discuss what is meant by a “peaceful death” and a “good death,” including goals for End-Of-Life care. How would you feel if you knew your patients did not want CPR but the family insisted on it?

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