Nonverbal Communication Codes

BSCOM234 WEEK 2 Nonverbal Communication Codes

Review the “American Influence on Japanese Culture” activity on the MyCommLab student resource page.

Complete the Material: Nonverbal Communication Codes.

Submit the assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

I strongly suggest you begin this assignment early as many students in the past have indicated it takes a lot of time to complete.

As you complete the questions for each scenario in the worksheet, please make sure you answer EACH question in at least 25 words and in complete sentences. I expect you to use your textbook to support your responses where appropriate by way of in-text citations. For example, there are two questions that specifically ask you identify terms in the chapters. One question asks you to identify different nonverbal codes that are present in the scenario. These CODES are also different types of nonverbal communication: facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, etc. The other question is the LAST question for each scenario that asks: “What nonverbal communication skills and strategies could be used to communicate effectively in this situation?”. You MUST refer to the nonverbal chapter that discusses skills and strategies to support your response, again, with an in-text citation.

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