Needs Analysis

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper using your chosen organization.

Conduct a needs analysis that identifies training objectives and define a measuring system that identifies those objectives’ effectiveness. Include the following:

  • The needs analysis which must include an organizational analysis a team analysis and a task analysis
  • The evaluation system must include measurable results for the appropriate outcome–cognitive skill-based affective or return on investment–necessary to meet identified needs. Needs vary from organization to organization so teams must approach this portion with critical thinking skills. The evaluation criteria must be specific measurable time-bound and include a plan regarding what method–survey test or performance evaluation–will gather data. 

    Diversity Training Plan

    You are an HR Manager in a company that has recently received complaints from employees about lack of inclusion.

    Develop a 1,050- to 1,400-word overview for a training program on diversity and inclusion for your organization’s first line supervisors.

    Include a plan for the types of exercises roleplaying or activities that will maintain participant interest and enhance the learning outcome in the body of the training plan. 

    Utilize both “Social Learning Theory” and “Adult Learning Theory” in the course content for your training plan.

    • Provide rationale for the activities and how they relate to the two learning theories.
    • Explain how each theory is used in each exercise role play or activity.

    Discuss how this diversity training can modify employee morale, improve workforce inclusion, and lead to more managerial success. 

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