Music Therapy Essay

Literature Review of a Music Therapy Approach or Specific Music Therapy Intervention (minimum 5 pages double spaced).

Choose one Music Therapy Approach that we have discussed this year (i.e. The Nordoff Robbins Approach, Neurologic Music Therapy , GIM Guided Imagery and Music, Psychoanalytic Music Therapy ) or a Specific Music Therapy Intervention (e.g. Melodic Intonation Therapy, Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation, Musical Improvisation, Songwriting, Lyric Analysis etc ) and write a literature review of the different work being done with that approach/intervention with one specific population or with multiple populations.

1.   See requirements above for ALL PAPERS regarding APA format and Appropriate Research articles

2.   In your discussion of any specific population, you must include DSM V definitions from the DSM V, or relevant diagnoses information from an appropriate source (see above for appropriate source).

3.   You must include information from our discussion of AMTA Standards of Clinical Practice and discuss the Referral, Assessment, Treatment planning, Documentation, Implementation and Termination process of Music Therapy.

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