Music Paper

Critical Thinking Paper that illustrates the relationship between music and a cultural, political, social, or technological issue.

5 paragraph research essay

1400 – 1500 words (The title page, bibliography, direct quotes from sources, and song lyrics do not count as part of the total word requirement)

a minimum of 3 citations from academically appropriate sources are required

Paper – include an introduction with a clear thesis statement, three supporting arguments, and a conclusion.

Bibliography, Reference List, or list of Works Cited

Topic for paper:

Music as medicine, wellness, and healing.

Possible thesis and supporting arguments that could be used but do not have to be:

Music can be used for medicine, wellness, and healing helping with a variety of mental health issues, memory loss associated with disease, and relieving pain.

1. Music releases mood enhancing chemicals into our body which music therapists can capitalize on to aid in the medical treatment of patients

2. Music has positive physical affects and can change physical response.

3. Music can trigger memories.

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