Motivating health employees assignment

Now that you have built your CI team, how will you motivate your team to remain engaged in the process for improving the quality and safe delivery of healthcare services provided at the hospital organization your past hospital merged with. According to the textbook, “changes have the potential to add considerable stress to the work environment and to the lives of employees in healthcare settings.” (pg. 75).

1. Compare and contrast different needs-based approaches for motivating employees. Which one do you feel will provide greater value in your healthcare organization? Why?

2. Which types of rewards, intrinsic or extrinsic, are more important in healthcare organizations. Why?

3. In your opinion, does the importance of intrinsic or extrinsic rewards very over time as employees progress through their career upward or even laterally? Why? How will you address this in your healthcare organization?

4. Which motivational strategy is more appropriate for energizing, directing, and sustaining the behaviors of cross-functional team members? Why?

5. What strategy do you feel would be appropriate to motivate a middle manager (you) in your healthcare organization? Why?

Write the question then the answer. Answers should be substantial and address all parts of the question. References should be used to support your answers and should be cited in correct APA format. Information may come from the textbook, articles, ppt presentations, or videos required in Module Three. You may also use other sources as needed. **Points will be deducted for errors in grammar and punctuation, poor sentence structure, lack of proofreading and/or editing, and for incorrect APA format.

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