Media Effects

How do media audiences function in a digital media landscape? Referring to at least one case study of media audiences in action, or inaction, to support your argument.

2. Using the example of one narrative feature film, discuss the usefulness of structuralism as an analytical tool for uncovering how meaning is generated in a text.

3. How do you think the media affect us? Critically evaluate debates on media effects, focusing on how new approaches have evolved, using one particular case study to support your argument. ( plz choose topic 3)

4. Complete a semiotic reading of a media text, exploring its ideological implications (‘second-order’ signification). Briefly explain the key concepts in semiotics you are using, such as ‘myth’, with reference to the significance and limitations of this method of analysis.

5. Moral panics tend to be associated with real societal concerns, such as violence, drugs and youth suicide. How can we move beyond simplistic media accounts about these important issues to communicate effectively? Discuss with reference to one particular issue.

6. Choose an example of media representation, positive or negative. Applying concepts and theories studied in the unit, explain how a social group or category is being represented in the chosen text and discuss the broader social implications of this representation.

Then the teacher said writing about the way of Media communication, NOT involving sociology and psychology.
Do NOT write Mobile phone or computers addiction

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