Managing a Crisis Simulation

Resources: Internet, University Library, Textbook

You are a Supply Chain Manager of a building supply company. Your company sells building materials to building contractors, home improvement construction companies, as well as the do-it-yourself weekend project homeowners.

You have been struggling with the supplier of roofing nails for several months and you are fast approaching the peak roofing season. The supplier has been late on delivering orders and when orders are delivered the boxes are damaged and the quantities of nails in the boxes are inaccurate. Each box should have 1000 nails, but you are getting complaints from your customers that they are only receiving partial quantities in the boxes. The situation with the supplier is getting so bad some of your major customers are threatening to go to another building supply company for roofing nails.

You have to get this situation under control before you lose much needed seasonal sales!

Create a supplier performance improvement plan. Include the steps that need to be taken to identify the root cause potential containment and corrective action. You need to include how you will monitor compliance to corrective action and if the corrective action is effective.

Write up the improvement plan in a 1,050-word document.

Format the paper according to APA standards.

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