Management Theory Consulting Presentation

Select an organization with which you are familiar, or one in which you are interested. Choose an organization that is accessible and to which you can gain access or can find sufficient published information. The organization can be a civic, religious, business, or nonprofit organization.

Imagine you are an expert in management theory, hired by this organization to evaluate critically their management practice, and to provide recommendations for how the organization may adopt a specific management philosophy.

Use the management philosophy topic discussed in your papers from Weeks 3-5.

Balance the organization’s management needs with the reality of bottom-line effectiveness.

Prepare your deliverable as a presentation, which can take the form of a video, website, infographic, memo to organization leadership, or other appropriate method of your choosing. If you use a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, include detailed speaker notes.

Include at least five scholarly references.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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