Learning Activity: Independent and Dependent Variables

Instructions: Read these empirical questions, and identify the independent and dependent variables in each one.

1) Which is the best treatment method for individuals with autism: behavioral therapy, drug treatment, psychoanalysis, or no treatment (control condition)?

2) Does the number of people present in a specific location influence how likely they would be to help someone who needs assistance?

3) Does playing violent video games affect the level of aggressiveness in children?

4) Will eating breakfast improve a student’s academic performance?

5) Would individuals be more likely to remember information that they have read from an e-book or a hard copy of the text?

6) Which studying method—cramming for hours in one study session or spaced-out study sessions—leads to better performance on exams?

7) During which condition would you be most likely to purchase a new product (i.e., a product you have never tried before)—happy, scared, sad, excited, etc.?

8) Does the order of names on a ballot influence how you vote?

9) Would it be easier to potty-train your puppy using reinforcement or punishment?

10) Does providing candy to students who answer questions during class increase the number of students who participate in class?

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