Knowledge assessment task

There are two assessment tasks for this unit that you must successfully complete to be deemed Competent for this unit. Students must submit this assessment task in Engage on or before the due date.

Working in pairs (assigned by your lecturer), students must evaluate an instance where they participated in a group of two or more people either in an LCB Practical class or an LCB Theory class. Each student may have a different experience to relate to, which can add to the knowledge and information needed to answer the questions below.
Students must contribute equally to the assignment.

Describe the group scenario in one sentence and answer all questions below. At least three (3) examples must be provided for each question.
Q1. In what ways did you work effectively as a team?

Q2. How did you provide support to team members to ensure group goals were met? 

Q3. How did you contribute constructively to the group goals and tasks? 

Q4. Identify any instances where culturally appropriate communication skills were used.

Q5. Provide three (3) examples of cultural differences, or differences in communication styles you experienced working within the group.

Q6. Provide examples of any difficulties you encountered during the team work, and how you managed to find an appropriate solution.

Q7. How did you share information that was collected with the group to ensure designated goals were met? 

Q8. On reflection, after completion of the group work, what strategies or opportunities for improvement could be applied next time you take part in a group activity? 

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