Israel and Palestinian Conflict

Do a 5 page paper: Topic – Israel and Palestinian Conflict using the thesis “The purpose of my paper is to analyze how the Zionist movement has impacted the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”?

The conclusion should talk about the two state solution.

Choose a style: MLA or APA (Cite accordingly).

Research your sources.

Five academic sources.

No Wikipedia

Go to FIU library catalog

Introduction: Map of your paper. It should include:

Thesis statement:

Body of Paper: Arguments A, B, and C should be supported by your academic sources. Cite them accordingly.

Argument A: Historical context or background of the problem/question.

Argument B: Analyze how your case study is connected to the aforementioned background.

Argument C: Propose the “solution” or your argument as to how to approach it differently.

Conclusion: Be future oriented. Why is this topic important and how it will continue to evolve? Should be about the two-state solution.

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