Insurance Evaluation Scenario Analysis

Read the following case scenario in which you are the financial planner.

Jennifer and Brian Jones, (both age 50) live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They own a home currently valued at $300,000, with a $175,000 mortgage. They have $250,000 of homeowner’s insurance coverage. The replacement cost of the structure, however, is close to $350,000. Their auto insurance has a$100,000 liability limit. They have $100,000 in investment assets held in individual IRA accounts, consisting of mutual funds. The Jones family obtains their health insurance coverage through their employer, but dental visits and eyeglasses are not covered.

They are spending their entire income and not saving. They both work, and each earns $55,000. They both plan to retire at age 66 on their state pension fund (they are both state employees) and Social Security retirement benefits, which they believe to be adequate.

They are eligible for Social Security survivors and disability benefits and are fully insured for retirement benefits, currently available equal to $2,400 per month in today’s dollars. They have no children. Neither has any disability insurance, but Steve has $100,000 of life insurance.

They have asked you to evaluate their life, disability, liability, and homeowner’s insurance needs.

Write a comprehensive, 750- to 1,050-word insurance evaluation in response to your client. Explain the risks that the family has, and provide recommendations to mitigate those risks.

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