Individual Persuasive Paper Rough Draft

Individual Persuasive Paper Rough Draft

Complete a rough draft of your persuasive paper. You want as thorough a version of your paper as you can get at this point. That means that it is in APA 6th edition format, that your citations and references are included, and that you have proofread it for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and format.

Use RiverPoint to format your paper. Run your paper through WritePoint several times until it comes as back as clean as possible.

Learning Team “What is a Good Resource?”

Discuss the attributes of a good resource as it relates to the chosen topic for your Case Analysis Paper and Presentation due in Week Five.

List the necessary attributes as agreed upon by your Learning Team. Then list three of the resources chosen for your final project, and explain in 75 to 100 words for each resource how it meets the chosen criteria for selecting a good resource.

Learning Team Case Analysis Paper Outline

Create an outline for your learning team paper. Follow the sections laid out in the Case Analysis Instructions handout.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your outline.

Post a copy to your learning team room for the peer review part of this assignment

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