Incorporating Feedback for Final Presentation and Design

During this week, you will review and possibly incorporate the feedback from the team member who reviewed your final project. You will use your team member’s feedback as well as your faculty’s feedback from Week Four to make corrections or adjustments to your final project. This week you will complete a feedback and summary form that will detail any corrections or adjustments you made based on the feedback from your faculty and team member. You will also turn in your final presentation and design again to be reviewed with your feedback and summary form. Remember that it is ultimately your decision to incorporate feedback from your learning team member and your faculty; however, if you decide not to incorporate feedback, you need to explain why you did not.

Incorporate the necessary changes recommended by your learning team member and your faculty into your presentation and SmartDraw® Design.

Complete the Feedback and Summary Form.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Feedback and Summary Form, final Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, and final SmartDraw® Design.

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