Human Resource Management Post

Question 1: The Strategic Purpose of Training and Career Development

Why do you believe organizations invest in training and career development programs for employees? How does the organization benefit? How can training and development support an organization’s strategic goals? Why should HRMs focus on the career development of employees? Use the articles and resources provided to support your ideas.

Question 2: Performance Management, Performance Evaluation, and Performance Issues

Part A: In your own words, define performance management and a performance evaluation system. Summarize your understanding of the difference between these two concepts.

Part B: Chapter 8 discusses different types of performance problems. Why is it important for HRMs to investigate performance issues to identify the root cause? How would you handle an employee conduct violation, such as harassment or theft? How would you counsel an employee who lacked the skills and knowledge to perform his/her job responsibilities? What type of performance issues(s) could benefit from a performance improvement plan?

Use the articles and resources provided to support your ideas.

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