How Leaders Encourage Team to Work Together

Analyze teams and leadership according to the files provided. 5 pages(double spaced). Include relevant sources

Leadership course.

Title of the paper: Final reflective leadership paper

Papers will be judged on quality of thinking, use of data and concepts from the course or from your own experience or reading, logical organization, and presentation (including proofreading, errors of grammar, spelling, etc.). The papers should be 4 pages maximum in length. Please double-space your papers using 12-point type and show the word count at the end of the paper. All sources and references should be cited using APA style

Hogan development survey (HDS) results:

When she is not proactively managing and monitoring her behavior I seem:

· Moody, irritable, easily disappointed with people and projects, and may use emotional displays to make point

· Alert for signs of duplicity and betrayal and may become vengeful when she feels wronged.

· To need a lot of information before making rather conservative decisions

· Tough, aloof and indifferent to the feelings of other she may be reluctant communicator

· Cooperative, but may be stubborn when asked to do things that conflict with her personal priorities

· Self confident, assertive, entitled and unwilling to admit mistakes or ask for feedback

· Smart, fun, engaging, risk-taking and willing to promise more than she can deliver.

· Reluctant to engage in self-promotion or create dramatic situations starring herself.

· Smart, innovative, creative, eccentric, visionary, and sometimes impractical.

· Hardworking, detail oriented, and perfectionistic. She has very high performance standards for herself and others.

· Independent, even irreverent, and willing to change authority and the status quo.

Skillscope Results:


The items listed below are the items most often identified as strengths by ALL 6 raters and myself.

All raters and self said that:



Probes for underlying data, checks the validity of information

Solve problems

Is a keen observer of people, event, and things

Solve problems

Considers possible consequences when making decisions

Take action

Structures others work appropriately

Manage teams

All these are strengths that my raters and I myself agreed that are my strengths; there are others strengths I did not mention.


The items listed below are the items most often identified as weakness by maximum 2 raters and myself.



Entrepreneurial, takes advantage of new opportunities

Takes risks, innovates

Is tolerant of others, idiosyncrasies

Develop people

Is crisp clear and articulate.

Communicate information

Comments from skillscope:

Specific actions that I can take in order to be more effective as a leader;


– Educate/ inc knowledge

– Learn new skills

Boss: Said

· I should recognize self interests and recognize strong self strengths to capitalize on strengths and be motivated to purser her interests.

All other raters: Said

– That I am very determined and can lead a group of people and great team player

· I should develop my self and manage time to be more initiative

· Set my goals first, focus on them, plan hoe to achieve them in a spefecif time frame to avoid delaying them

· Open myself to deal with different level of people in terms of age , education and social living.


This report is an in depth personalized description of my personality preferences, derived from my MBTI assessment. .

My four letters are ‘’ isfj’’

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