History and Theory of Planning and Design

Please answer the following 2 questions via an illustrated report (text + graphics/images +
correct referencing). The word length (+ any illustrations relevant to enhancing your
learning) requires you to be concise in writing/composing/organising your answers.
1. See the paper as handed out in class on the ‘Building of Bath’, and watch the video as
shown in class in week 3. Based on the above paper and video, answer the following two
sub-questions; (i) what were the drivers of change that transformed Bath in 17-19th
century? and (ii) what tools were used by developers and other stakeholders to achieve
their planning and design visions/outcomes? Other source material can be used to answer
the above questions (1,000 words – 15%).
2. Select anyone of the following inner Sydney suburbs:
Daceyville, Paddington, Newtown, Parramatta, Glebe, or Botany.
Identify the planning theory, motivation and rationale underpinning the planning and
design of the form, structure and functionality of your chosen suburb up to around
1920-30’s (that is, the who, how and why of your suburb’s development up until the early
twentieth century). Please illustrate your answer with maps and images (1500 words –
Assignment Value: 40%.
Assignment Length: Approximately 2,500 words.

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