Health Care Model Conference Presentation

Health Care Model Conference Presentation

Scenario: You are the chief operating officer of a health care organization in the country you selected in Week 3. You have been invited to a conference to present to the board of directors how health care leaders can remain competitive in health care on the global platform.

Note. This assignment has three parts.

Part 1:

Identify a problem, issue, or situation in the health care organization that must be addressed.

Conduct research to determine recurrent themes. Utilize peer-reviewed articles.

Develop, based on your research, the following for your identified problem, issue, or situation:

A problem statement
A purpose statement
A proposed solution

Part 2:

Create a graphic organizer to present the recurrent themes and your proposed solution.

Part 3:

Prepare a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the board of directors to persuade the audience to adopt your model.

Address the following in the presentation:

How you will work with health care leaders to gain competitive advantage for your health care organization.
Potential challenges to your model and the feasibility of using your model as a pilot program that could be adopted by health services organizations.
How implementation of your model can help maintain the organization’s global competitiveness.

Include detailed Speaker Notes in the presentation.

Format references consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit all three parts of the assignmentto the Assignment Files tab.


DHA 724 WEEK 8 Health Care Model Conference Presentation

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