Hazard Management In Emergency Response Operations Project

Project Two

  • research and select current, reliable resources to determine hazard levels and applicable United States and global policies, regulations, and laws
  • apply risk assessment principles and practices to evaluate the impact of hazards on humans and ecosystems and develop a prioritization plan that informs relevant authorities and stakeholders
  • working as a team member, critique and revise the compliance plan for a hazardous event and communicate the impact, ramifications, and actions taken to authorities and stakeholders

You are to write a paper about an event that started as an emergency and turned into a disaster. Your paper must address, at a minimum:

  • the background of the conditions before the event began or occurred
  • the steps or activities that led to the emergency event
  • the chronology of the entire event from its beginning as an emergency to the end of the recovery from the disaster
  • the principal response parties involved in the entire event, including private entities and government agencies
  • the lessons learned from the event and your opinion of how well the event was managed
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