Read the websites and then write (typed not hand-written) a reaction/response of at least 300 words (~1-page double spaced). Remember to critically think about the articles and discussing their relevance to Earth Science and how it relates to class materials.

The American West has been experiencing an extreme drought over the past few years. Read through the two articles to begin. They focus on the big picture issue going on in the American West and more specifically California.

Next, move to the last two articles. These articles deal with our consumption of bottled water in the U.S. How do these articles relate to the issues in the first set of articles? How does it relate to us here in Florida?

Remember, discuss what is presented to you. Do not regurgitate facts from the articles. Synthesize the material as a whole and discuss (write) what it all means/says to you. But you must provide me with examples from each of the articles within your discussion.

ESC 2000 — Earth Science Today (EST) Grading Rubric

Each component is worth a total of 4 points [partial credit where illustrated]

· Length: ≥ 300 words

· 299-250 words [2 pt.]

· Introduction Paragraph [2-3 sentences] introduces the main theme of your paper

· Only a single sentence introduces the main theme [2 pts.]

· Body of paper discusses ALL assigned articles

· Body of paper provides specific examples from each source

· Specific examples are utilized, however, not from each source [2 pts.]

· Body of paper integrates (articles are not discussed separately) concepts from assigned articles

· All sources are utilized, but articles are discussed separately (discussion not integrated) [2 pts.]

· Citations are utilized when mentioning specific examples from the articles

· Conclusion Paragraph [2-3 sentences] summarizing the main theme of your paper

· Only a single sentence concludes the paper [2 pts.]

· Conclusion paragraph includes some aspect of the implication on society

· Grammar: Clear, concise writing, well organized, no spelling or grammatical errors, no typos

· Readable, but minor typos, grammatical errors, or organizational problems [2 pts.]

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