Global Talent

Choose a global organization with which you are familiar or a global organization where you currently work.

Write a 1,750-word global organization talent plan using the organization’s website in which you:

Define “soft skill.”
Identify at least three soft skills the organization requires of employees in global roles.
Explain how the organization sources candidates for global roles. If you cannot find specific information on this point, suggest some best practices it should consider in sourcing candidates.
Evaluate the efficacy of the organization’s talent sourcing strategy for global positions or your choice of best practices in talent sourcing.
Identify the factors the organization considers, or should consider, in determining the optimal mix of home and host country nationals in one of the organization’s host country venues. These factors might include the skills of host country nationals versus the skills the organization requires, demographic data about the host country’s potential workforce such as the extent of the college-educated workforce, the cost of labor in the host country versus the cost of expatriates, among others.

Cite a minimum of 2 scholarly sources.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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