Global Information System Strategy

Prepare a journal which records your activities and progress related to completing this
assignment. In date order, clearly list the following:
● Date of research activity/discussion/meeting
● Topic researched or discussed
● Time duration
● Brief description of research activity/discussion.
Submit this journal as an appendix to activity B.
Activity B: Report to CEO (maximum 4000 words) -(Total-90 marks)
Select an organisation located in New Zealand to analyse for this assignment. Organisation
must fulfil the following criteria:
The organisation may be a commercial, government or not-for-profit organisation but it must
have at least 50 employees, a web site and be a user of e-business/e-commerce. Use the
web, newspapers and/or personal contacts to gain information about the organisation and its
management of IT. When selecting the organisation, you should take into account the nature
of the organisation’s business environment and the extent to which the organisation is
dependent on IT to run its operations. If you are employed, you are encouraged to base this
assignment on the organisation that you are currently working with, if it meets the above criteria

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