Global health promotion

I just need to 2 responses to the Discussions.


Low-income countries such as Africa need cost-effective solutions to provide sanitary and abundance of water supplies to those in need. Examples of low cost-effective solutions could be digging a well, rainwater collection and boreholes to name a few. I would start off with each region and determine which region needs the most water supply and then begin to make my way through the country. I feel like this approach will cater to everyone and effectively. Education and teaching them valuable skills will enhance the likelihood of survival and having the right resources will help expand their access to better water supplies. There should be a solid foundation and system when it comes to having supplies of water and it is only fair that everyone gets the opportunity to have access to free and safe water. Furthermore, low-income countries should be given resources and education to help further their chances of receiving sanitary water.


Cardiovascular disease in the Philippines and among Filipinos have become prevalent. An intervention would be to decrease the consumption of sodium and fatty food items. In terms of accepting the role of the intervention it would not be plausible because culturally, the Philippines and Filipinos are known to consume high amounts of sodium and fatty foods. Cultural bias is what would prevent the intervention from becoming successful and many Filipinos are stubborn and I could say this with confidence because of personal experience. The Filipino culture comprises of eating good with family and friends. However, there are more guidelines and resources when it comes to dieting in the Philippines and some are willing to accept and there are a few who are in between. Furthermore, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease is still high among Filipinos and having the right intervention that will cater to the majority can be the key to reducing the numbers in the Filipino culture.

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