geographic area that faces a sustainable development problem or challenge

Select a geographic area that faces a sustainable development problem or challenge. You may wish to consider one of the following areas:

Las Vegas, Nevada: a desert that was made livable and has experienced amazing urban growth with scarce water resources.

New Orleans, Louisiana: an old coastal city faced with the continuous threat of floods. Even after hurricane Katrina, the levees protection system still cannot guarantee protection from a repeat event.

Dickinson, North Dakota: an almost-forgotten area that has become a center for fossil fuel production thanks to new extraction methods. A sudden population increase has created numerous sustainable planning challenges.

Atlanta, Georgia: has experienced a large influx of young professionals and companies, creating serious strains in the water supply system and infrastructure.

Tampa bay, Florida: has experienced a population influx since the late 1990s, causing a shift from purely groundwater to a mix of groundwater, surface water, and desalinized water usage.

Write a word paper that analyzes the sustainable development and land use problems and challenges that exist in the geographic area you selected. Address the following questions:

How is your chosen community dealing with current surface water supply considerations?

What is the projected population growth for the next 10 to 20 years? How capable is the infrastructure of handling potential future water challenges given population growth? Consider both water supply and flood management.

Are there any storm water drainage best management practices currently in use? What best management practices would you recommend?

Format your paper consistent with APA standards.

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