Gender Communication in a Global Workplace Training

Imagine your team works for the training group in human resources and is assigned to develop training for employees going abroad for a business trip. Their work requires frequent communication with people from other cultures.

Choose three cultures and develop a multimedia or video presentation, with notes, to train employees on gender communication strategies for these cultures.

Identify the different communication styles among genders.

Discuss the effect of each culture on gender communication. Answer the following questions:

What are the cultural norms of communication?
How does the culture view communication among genders?
What conflicts or miscommunications might occur?
What strategies might facilitate effective communication? How effective are these strategies?
What different styles of communication are most prominent in the workplace in each culture?

Include three to five outside references.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Present the Gender Communication in a Global Workplace Training presentation:

For Local Campus students, these are 20-minute oral presentations accompanied by a multimedia or video presentation.
For Online and Directed Study students, these are multimedia or video presentations with notes.

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