Funding the Business and Ecommerce Trend-Team Assignment

For this assignment, you may want to visit your nearest bank or credit union to discuss different funding options for businesses. Investigate the requirements that need to be met in order to secure funding to start your own business.

Research and discuss with your learning team various funding options that are available for entrepreneurs.

A. Write a 700- to 1000-word paper in which you answer the following questions:

What are the common sources of funding available for entrepreneurs? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each of the following funding sources:
Private Investment
Personal savings and assets
Family members
Corporate funding
If you are unable to secure funding (or as much funding as you’d prefer) for your business concept, what are some alternatives to starting your own business?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of an online or social media business? Should all traditional businesses also offer online sales? Explain.


As a team select a generic company to pitch for funding. You can pick one team member business or select a new one.

Prepare 8-12 slides with speaker notes included presenting your business to an Investor for funding. Think about questions investors might ask.

Incorporate information from your previous assignments to pitch your business.

The presentation should be eye-catching and have a creative use of visual and audio effects. The slides should also be edited for correct use of spelling and grammar.

Both assignments must be completed for grading.

Format your response according to APA guidelines.

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