Foreign Travel Budget and Cultural Analysis

Prepare a cost estimate and a cultural analysis for a business trip from your location to a foreign location for a 3 -day meeting with a foreign partner or customer. (Note: transit time is not included in the 3 days)


1. Introduction: A brief description of the city & country of your proposed business trip.

2. Itemized Budget for all trip Costs in $US and Local Currency (Travel to Airport, Parking, Airfare, Hotel, Local transportation, Interpreter, food, etc). A spreadsheet, table or an Itemized List of estimated Daily Costs is required. “Package Deals” through Internet Travel Consolidators are not acceptable. Please remember to itemize Local cost in Local currency. For example, Hotel Cost in Tokyo would be listed in Yen. Be sure to specify Exchange Rate used.

Instructor’s Note: APA Citations are not required for the Budget section but the sources for your research must be included in the Reference List at the end of your paper

3. Cultural Analysis: Compare & contrast several cultural differences between the US and Host country using Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions.

Potential Information Source:

4. Business Etiquette & Protocol

Describe some of the factors that would contribute to a successful meeting with the counterparts from your Host Country.

Topics should include

– – Greeting formalities

– – Communication styles

– – Strict or relaxed adherence to agenda schedules & topics

– – Considerations concerning decision expectations

Potential Information Source:

Format your paper using APA Guidelines

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