Foreign Destination Research Project

Foreign Destination Research Project

Final Project Foreign Destination Research Project Choose a foreign destination you hope to visit or with which you have a personal connection.

 Write a formal research project detailing this foreign destination. Your research should provide insight into all aspects of the hospitality industry–food service, lodging, and travel and tourism–in this destination.  Your final edited and proofread paper must be at least 1750 words.

Include the following in your research:

  • An introduction explaining your destination choice
  • Background
  • Geographic location
  • Climate
  • Population
  • Median age
  • Travel warnings, public announcements, and any other items of special interest for your destination, available from Travel.State.Gov (
  • A description of one dining establishment from each of the following categories, as well as three services provided by each establishment:
  • Casual dining
  • Fine dining
  • Specialty restaurant
  • Ethnic restaurant
  • A description of one lodging facility from each of the following categories, as well as three services provided by each facility:
  • Budget
  • Commercial
  • Resort
  • Bed and breakfast
  • A description of three modes of travel that can be used to reach your destination, with the travel time and cost of each
  • A description of four tourist attractions you would like to visit and an explanation of why you want to visit them
  • A minimum of four sources
  • A conclusion summarizing the main topics in the paper

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include citations for each source that you utilize in your assignment. Include all off the elements in the Title Page Template in your paper. You should make use of page and section headings. Your paper should be structured to include an introduction, discussion of the various topics, and a formal conclusion. If you elect to use some other system to format your paper points will be deducted for missing elements. Writing Tools Please submit your assignment to the Writing Tool located in The Center for Writing Excellence before submitting your final product to you individual forum. Include the output from the system as a separate file and upload it with your assignment. Note: Points will be deducted for assignments that do not meet the minimum number of words. I typically use MS Word® to calculate word count so please be sure your paper meets the minimum requirement. I also often use the Plagiarism checker located in The Center for Writing Excellence.  Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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