Evidence-Based Population Health Improvement Plan

Topic: Measles

State: New York

Data Evaluation

Evaluate community demographic, epidemiological, and environmental data.

· Identify the relevant data.

· Describe the major community health concerns suggested by the data.

· Explain how environmental factors affect the health of community residents.

Health Improvement Plan

Develop an ethical health improvement plan that effectively addresses the population health concern that you identified in your evaluation of the relevant data.

· Base your plan on the best available evidence from a minimum of 3–5 current scholarly or professional sources. (No older than 5 years please)

. Apply correct APA formatting to all in-text citations and references. (Sixth Edition)

. Attach a reference list to your plan.

· Ensure that your plan meets the cultural and environmental needs of your community and will likely lead to some improvement in the community’s health related to this concern.

. Consider the environmental realities and challenges that exist in the community.

. Address potential barriers or misunderstandings related to the various cultures prevalent in the community.

· Justify the value and relevance of the evidence you used as the basis of your plan.

. Explain why the evidence is valuable and relevant to the community health concern you are addressing.

. Explain why each piece of evidence is appropriate and informs the goal of improving the health of the community.

· Propose relevant and measurable criteria for evaluating the outcomes of your plan.

. Explain why your proposed criteria are appropriate and useful measures of success.

· Explain how you will communicate with colleagues and members of the community, in an ethical, culturally sensitive, and inclusive way, with regard to the development and implementation of your plan.

. Develop a clear communications strategy mindful of the cultural and ethical expectations of colleagues and community members regarding data privacy.

. Ensure that your strategy enables you to make complex medical terms and concepts understandable to members of the community, regardless of language, disabilities, or level of education.

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