Ethical Dilemma

Marked Activity # 6: The Ethics of Pork

Using all of the information that you now have on:
• Four ways that determinations of “right” or “wrong” are made (Deontology, Ethical Egoism, Utilitarianism, and Cultural Relativism), plus
• Your knowledge of the AMA Code as one set of rules that marketers have to abide by (as associated with Deontology), plus
• Your knowledge of the connection between a premise, claims, and evidence,
make a logical argument regarding the ethics of the case.

If you go onto the new website for NZ Pork, you’ll see that their marketing campaign has completely changed from the one I discuss during the tutorial.

Write a position paper backing your conclusion about whether this change was necessary. Use the ethical frameworks identified above, and any other points that you think relevant, to justify your point of view.

Writing Specifications
• No more than 750 words; double-spaced pages; left justified margins; 12 point font
• Appropriately separated paragraphs
• Appropriately formatted Resources Consulted page: APA 6th Edition

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