Ethical Code

Create an Ethical Code for any individual(s), group of individuals, and or department of a higher education institution.


The Ethical Code should concentrate and include ethical dilemmas and incorporate the laws and ethical issues presented in the course

Review other ethical codes for assistance in the development of your ethical code.

Identify the educational institutions utilized for purposes of this project and include appropriate references

The ethical code should not contain any language that would violate or result in conflict with any of the key Federal laws which have been identified during the course

The Ethical Code should be limited to four pages.

The ethical code can be written from an administrator perspective for faculty, staff or student application. It can be written for a fictitious educational institution at any level Pre-K through Doctoral program, religious, public or private educational institution.

Identify the perspective and the Code’s application.

Citation to sources for the development of the Code must be included. Any other codes utilized must be identified in the footnotes, sources or references at the end of the code.

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