epidemiologic studies

Pick only one of the two options to respond too

Option 1

One can find epidemiologic studies every day in the news. Using the Internet, news magazine, or newspaper, locate a recent article about a topic related to epidemiology. Post a thread and summarize the article (with the reference) in 1-2 paragraphs.

Research your insurance carrier (or a popular carrier in your state). Find and list the following in your posted thread: brief description, mission statement, co-pay amounts, and costs. Compare and contrast via online threaded discussion with your classmates.

Option 2

Using the Search Engine of your choice (Google, Bing, etc) research and locate Federal website for Healthy People 2020, then locate the Healthy People 2010.

After reviewing both, prepare a discussion post that compares and contrasts your analysis in up to 1000 words. Be sure to include the significant differences and changes over ten years and present your thoughts on successes and/or areas that could or should have been added but feel may have been omitted.

Note: Please be sure to include your original thoughts, supported citations and examples.

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