Entity Selection paper

Select one of the business ventures below:
Specialty high-end flooring contractor: will install all floor types (imported tile, granite, marble, hard wood, and carpeting) as part of new construction or remodeling.
Pilates Studio Franchise: individuals can take classes or work out on their own.
Sports Bar Franchise: individuals can watch multiple sporting events on large screen TV’s.

For the business venture selected, you need to:

Discuss in detail the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of all four: LLP, LLLP, LLC manager and LLC member. (12 points) Determine which of these four is best suited for your business venture and why. (2 points)

For the business organization selected, include the form(s) necessary to create the entity in your state. (These are generally available through your Secretary of State’s Website.) (1 point) also determine if there are any provisions of state law that would influence the business entity selection you made. (1 point) For example, Md. CORPORATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS Code or Va. Code Ann. Title 13.1, chapters 9, 12, 13 and Title 50

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