ENMT303 Environmental Regulations and Policy

ENMT303 Environmental Regulations and Policy

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ENMT303 Environmental Regulations and Policy

Week 7 Assignment  

Environmental Justice Case Study

This assignment addresses the following course outcomes:

Demonstrate awareness of historical events that led to creation of present federal U.S. agencies responsible for environmental regulations and policies

Use knowledge of environmental regulations to address risks to human health and the environment and advocate for sustainable solutions and practices

Effectively communicate on national and global environmental issues and policies to persuade, inform, and clarify ideas, information, and procedures to various stakeholders

As noted in the course content, environmental injustice is a very difficult topic to discuss given the complexity of race and poverty in America and around the world. For this project, please use one of the suggested case studies below — or you may propose a different EJ case study to me. If you propose your own case study, you must do so two weeks before the due date for this assignment so that I can work with you to determine the appropriateness of the case study you proposed.

Here are possible environmental justice case studies:

35th Avenue Superfund site in north Birmingham, Alabama

Lead contamination in drinking water in Flint, Michigan

The Battle for Turkey Creek

Environmental Justice in San Joaquin Valley

Helena Chemical Plant in Mission, Texas

After you have read materials from at least four reliable sources (can be any form of media as long as it is from a reliable source) for your case study, please address the following questions/topics in your report:

Provide a historical background on the area of concerns and the pollution(s) of concern. In this background, please indicate who were the people or organizations that first brought the injustice to pu Read More 

blic attention. (15 points possible)

What evidence is there that this is an environmental injustice issue? Please be specific using data/metrics to support or refute the disproportionate health burden of this specific pollution issue on the poor or minority group. (20 points possible)

What organizations are involved in the investigation of this case? How do they work together on this case? (10 points possible)

Provide the main arguments from the defense side of this case. (15 points possible)

Who has taken what actions since the start of this EJ case? Provide a rough timeline of events. Provide your analysis on the justice of these actions and any additional actions that should be taken. What insights have you gained from learning about this case and what would you have done differently with 20-20 hindsight and why? What would be a more sustainable solution? (30 points possible)

References and citations in APA format. (10 points possible)

Proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are expected for this and all writing for this class. Submit this EJ case study into your Week 7 Assignment folder.


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