english composition


Jamil, S. S. (2009). Emotions in the Story of an Hour. Explicator, 67(3), 215–220.

In this article, Ms Mallard’s feelings are analyzed in terms of how her emotions overcame her ability to think rationally. Upon hearing of her husband’s sudden death, she quickly underwent an emotional transformation which provided her with a clear view of the newly independent life waiting for her. In this transformation, her body underwent the same rush that her soul did, her poorly functioning heart suddenly healed upon hearing the news that gave her a new reason to live and a new outlook on life. The joy and freedom she felt in an hour was so powerful that losing it literally killed her. It was made clear that observing the world through reason is no where near powerful as observing it through emotion.

By reading Jamil’s article and comparing it to mine, I got a more in-depth and a different understanding of Louise Mallard. Jamil also provided me with another angle to look at this story from. I can use his interpretation of Mrs Mallard’s feelings to enrich my thesis and improve my paper by adding the argument that sometimes heightened feelings overcome reason, and that only makes our perception of the world so much more powerful.

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