Define Energy.
List some ways in which energy affects your life.
What are the differences among renewable, nonrenewable, and inexhaustible resources?
True or False? Energy waiting to happen is known as potential energy.
List the six forms of energy.
True or False? A quad is a means of measuring how much energy you consume in your home every month?
Name three sources of energy.
Why has the demand for energy and power grown throughout history?
In three sentences, discuss the history of energy consumption in the United States.
Explain what an embargo is.
Which two sectors of the economy are responsible for consuming the most energy?
True or False? The majority of all energy consumed in America and worldwide is in the form of fossil fuels.
Why are alternative energy sources, like wind generators, not more popular?
Summarize the concept of efficiency,
True or False? When energy is converted from one form to another, some loss will occur.

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