Employer Considerations and Ethics

Resources: Part I of the Strategic Management Plan

Create Part II of the Strategic Management Plan, Employer Considerations and Ethics, which is a 2,450- to 2,800-word report Part II of the plan should include the following:

An explanation of the purpose of employee evaluations. Also, contrast the various types of evaluations and provide your plans for, and details of, a fair and effective performance evaluation plan for your chosen organization. You must include information on frequency, rigor, types, consequences or benefits, and follow through of evaluations.
A brief summary of your organization’s code of ethics, and explain its importance for a proper functioning organization.
Possible violations against the legal rights and protections of employees and the subsequent consequences of those violations. Determine severity levels for these violations and consequences, as well as your plan for avoiding potential violations.
A description of the diversity management practices in the public sector and your strategy for effective implementation of these strategies in your state or local government.

Combine Parts I & II of the Strategic Management Plan to form a 4,900- to 5,250-word report.

You must incorporate all feedback provided to you for Part I in your final report and any new or additional insights your team may have.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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