Employees Living with Disabilities

Have you known anyone with a disability at work? Yes. As an accounting manager, I hired an accounting clerk who was an amputee. However, very capable of doing the job and proved to be an asset to the Company. One of the things I notice, though, is he used his prosthetics for the interview and once he was comfortable with everyone, he starting using his wheelchair. It is the basic thought that he believed he may have not been considered for the position, had he interviewed in a wheelchair.

1. What are some challenges that employees have who are disabled on a day to day basis?

Public transportation can be the common hassle for people with disabilities. There is a pay gap for disabled employees, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Some of the challenges include their inability, in some cases, to work and produce at the speed of other employees. Although illegal, some disabled workers can face discrimination, as some may not want the disabled employee as part of their work team because they may view it as a disadvantage for the team. Some companies have not made technological adjustments, such as speech recognition software.

2. What are some special accommodations if any do employees with disabilities have within the workplace setting?

The American Disabilities Act OF 1990 (ADA), requires employers to have reasonable accommodations. Therefore, employers may have to make changes or adjustments to the workplace to assist an employee with a disability in doing their job. Discrimination in employment against qualified individuals with disabilities is prohibited by the ADA. This includes recruitment, hiring, firing, training, promotions, job assignments, benefits pay and any other related activities. Some special accommodations include:

– Flexible work schedules

– Job restructuring

– Modified equipment

– Ramps

– Adjustments to training materials and policies


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