Effective Supplier Evaluations

Resources: Internet, University Library, Textbook

Your Supply Chain Manager has assigned you the responsibility of developing a new Supplier Evaluation process for your company. Your company has experienced an unfavorable trend in low productivity as a result of component availability, re-working of product, and increased inventory levels of nonconforming material. Your company cannot seem to effectively measure supplier performance because it doesn’t know which metrics to implement that will drive the right changes.

To make matters worse, your company is working to become ISO9001 certified. ISO9001:2008 requires supplier evaluation and data analyses so this needs to be considered when developing the Supplier Evaluation process.

Identify the top ten supplier performance criteria you want to use in the evaluation process

Create a Supplier Evaluation template with the key criteria data you want to analyze.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word proposal that includes:

Purpose of a Supplier Evaluation process
Example of template
Implementation plan: include who is responsible for collecting data and how you will determine which suppliers will be measured.
Supplier communication plan to inform selected suppliers of this new process
Explain how data will be used to drive supplier performance improvements.

Format the paper according to APA standards.

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