Education Assignment



In 300- words, describe the evolution of English since the 17th century by highlighting the most important historical, geographical, political, economic, cultural, and social aspects that have contributed to its status as a global language. Discuss the benefits and dangers of a global language according to David Crystal. Make sure you review the rubric for this assignment.




In 300- words, explain how John McWhorter debunks ‘the myth of Standard English’. How does he construct his argument around the analogy of the ‘lava lamp’ and the ‘four levels of language mixture’? Be sure to look at the rubric to remind yourself of the grading parameters. Show that you have worked with the material in this unit by using examples from the text effectively.




In 300-words, discuss how David Crystal’s book is a reaction to the official English movement in the United States.

Explain how he constructs an argument about the benefits of multilingualism through the notions of identity and intelligibility and how he sees the future of World Englishes and World Standard Spoken English (WSSE).



In 300- words, discuss the theories of the origin of Black English discussed by McWhorter and explain the theory of the origin of Black English promoted by John McWhorter. Discuss McWhorter’s position on the Ebonics controversy in the 1990s and his beliefs about the role of Black English in American society, in particular in the context of education. Use the example of variation in Arabic to address the question whether growing up speaking a non-standard variety of any language has any influence on how well one does at school.

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