Discussion 1

Jazz has many styles, much of it depending of geographical location: cool jazz, East Coast jazz, West Coast jazz, New Orleans jazz, Chicago jazz, swing, or big band. You may like each style or just one. Using the readings and listening guides in the course textbook, Part 8, choose the style of jazz you enjoy the most and explain in musical terms why. Make sure to share a YouTube video of a work, of your favorite style.

Discussion 2


Mellody Hopson in my eye is a well respective person with a lot going for her. She is a smart women that is able To manage her money. I think she is a great role model for our younger society. As a child she seen no color And was surprised to the fact that because of color you are treated differently. I love the way she felt about race and how strong and brave she is. I wish a lot of our society felt the way Mellody does.

Catherine post

I would like to start this post by saying that no matter what religion we practice, we are all God’s children. The phrase one nation under god, I believe is a statement that shouldn’t be taken away. We might have different symbols or different names to address what we believe in but its the faith that’s doesn’t differ. To me religion is a style. Just like people have different ways of dressing and talking, there are different ways where we express our faith in god.


I don’t think equal treatment depends on diversified employment. I think it depends on that which the company stands for. I have watched an all Spanish owned and operated company serve the mostly Hispanic community, not thrive so much, and when Americans come in to buy their food or product, they are not treated the same as a Hispanic customer with not as much money. Why? I was once told that cultures take care of their own. Has this trickled down to business? For this particular community, it would appear this way.

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